Changing App Settings

How to do it:
Go to the Main Menu to access the App settings.

Unit of Measure - View the glucose unit of measure used in the App.

Report Settings - Work with your health care professional to set your Target Glucose Range, which is displayed on glucose graphs in the App and used to calculate your Time In Target. The Target Glucose Range setting will not set glucose alarm levels. Tap SAVE when you are done.

Carbohydrate Units - Choose grams or servings for food notes that you enter. Tap SAVE when you are done.

Text to Speech - Turn on Text to Speech to have the glucose reading read aloud when you scan the Sensor. You will only hear your current glucose value and trend arrow direction. Additional information, such as the glucose graph and any message, is available on your My Glucose screen. Always review your My Glucose screen to get complete information. Tap SAVE when you are done.

Scan Sounds (Android Phone only) - Select whether you would like to hear a sound in addition to a vibration when you scan the Sensor. Remember that Scan Sounds inherit the volume settings on your smartphone. If your smartphone volume is turned off, you will not hear a scan sound. The Scan Sounds setting does not affect alarms. Tap SAVE when you are done.